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An Ideas Analysis Of No-nonsense Systems Of The messages and conversations will appear next week as evidence for the state. Friday�s last witness had interrogated Renfro a month before Sgt. Moore�s death. The Post Falls police detective asked Renfro about a stolen firearm that people on the street said Renfro kept tucked in a holster on his belt. It was a 9mm Glock stolen from a glovebox, and because Renfro is a convicted felon, he is prohibited from carrying a gun, the detective reminded Renfro. In footage from a Post Falls Police Department interrogation room, taken a month before Sgt. Moore was shot, Renfro is seen sitting awkwardly in a chair pressed between a table and wall. �I don�t want to bust your chops,� Detective Bob McDonald tells Renfro, who is dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. Renfro told the Post Falls investigator he heard the stolen firearm was in Spokane. He does not have it. �If I find out where it is, I�ll call you, man,� Renfro says in the video. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.cdapress.com/article/20170930/ARTICLE/170939996 “If you’re operating amazingly on a computer, why are you suddenly giving them a different computer?” Florence Blazer Dress, $450, mishanonoo.com Nonoo has never been one to shy away from technology. She was one of the first designers to embrace the Instagram fashion show with her Spring 2016 ‘Instashow.’ “I was watching the way that media was starting to change and how people were consuming it so voraciously through Instagram,” she says. “Everyone in the front row of my runway shows at the time was viewing the show though their screen. Every time a look came through that they liked, they took a photo and then those were being filtered and put on Instagram.” That triggered an ‘aha’ moment for Nonoo: Instead of worrying about blurry images and how the show was being captured, she could embrace digital media and take the reins herself. A year ago, for Spring 2017, she unveiled her entire collection over Snapchat. With her ‘see now, buy now’ model, people could instantly buy everything there and then. “We used certain traits that were only available in Snapchat at the time to enhance it and it really worked for a presentation. We still use Instagram today to showcase new looks and things that are coming out. Traditionally, maybe we would have gone to a magazine about having an exclusive, but now we’re about going directly to the customer through the social media universe.” Ideally, Nonoo hopes that the changes she’s making will influence the rest of the fashion industry. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.forbes.com/sites/celiashatzman/2017/09/26/misha-nonoo-launches-made-to-order-clothing-for-her-fashion-line/ Nicola said she can finally "be a mum" instead of a nurse. Matthew believes that the new opt-out scheme will "save lives". But another patient in need of a kidney donor is not so impressed with the proposals. Kerigh Palmer, from Hertfordshire, whose first kidney transplant failed this summer, said the change would be "pointless" because, under the system the government is proposing, families could still stop donations. "The majority of possible transplants are blocked by family members," she says. "I don't think doctors should be saying 'these are your loved one's wishes, now what do you want to do?'" Image caption Kerigh Palmer does not think the new opt-out scheme goes far enough Kerigh's transplant story has been long and full of hurt. After her kidneys failed in 2015, her wife, Julie, offered to donate hers. But they weren't compatible so Julie donated to another patient, and Kerigh, 40, received hers from someone else. Julie's recipient's transplant was a success. Kerigh's, though, was not - complications during surgery meant it failed at the last hurdle. 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